Software for the planning and automation of material manipulation | information

It is largely note form
This is a website dedicated to the ( in development, software) project refered to as MAAP ( Material and action planning)
Currently looking for developer-s who hold significant desire to see a project like this be real-ised
This website design only works with a mouse, hover on the right and move to the left to expand sections, this was a quick experiment in allowing elaboration whilst retaining view of the current scope

The software~s purpose is as follows:

what is completed

!non exhaustive, non true! list of what is yet to be completed

This is intentionally vague as to prevent the formation of rigid ideas before I know enough to

System detail-s

Those already persuing similar goals

Potential members

Executed well, this project will

This site and project is currently only edited by one individual, perhaps a good feature would be a system which allows documenting of who edited what, perhaps generated from a vcs

Contacting the developers

email: Main contact